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High Performance Tuning - What’s the fuss all about?

Many people are not familiar with the term High Performance Tuning. In this blog, we will explain to you the different types of tuning or remapping and what the key variances are between them.

What does High Performance Tuning mean?

Each tune is a set of upgrades and modifications implemented in the car's software. In every type, the ECU’s (Engine Control Unit) OEM map is modified, hence the widely used term “Remap”.

Rpm Motorsport has 3 main types of tunes - Daily Driver Tune, Daily Driver Tune Plus+ and Xtreme Performance Tune. All of our tunes are implemented through Remote Tuning with Xtreme Performance Tool (an OBDII reading/writing device) which is sent to you free with every purchased tune. The Daily Driver Tune requires no hardware modifications at all.

What is Remote Tuning?

Remote Tuning allows Rpm Motorsport to read and write your tuning files in the comfort of your own car. e. All of our tunes are implemented through Remote Tuning with our Xtreme Performance Tool (an OBDII reading/writing device) which is sent to you free with every purchased tune. The Daily Driver Tune requires no hardware modifications at all.

Daily Driver Tune:

The Daily Driver Tune is a great option for unmodified or bone stock cars. It does not require any mandatory hardware upgrades. Apart from the enhanced overall performance and power gains you will feel right after the tune, you will also notice better fuel economy and better throttle response. One of the major advantages of the Daily Driver Tune is the increase in power and torque delivery without compromising reliability and drivability. But at the same time the car stays within the manufacturer’s safety parameters. In other words, your engine’s health and longevity will not be affected. This tune is literally the “best of both worlds”.

Daily Driver Tune Plus+:

The Daily Driver Tune Plus+ is for drivers who want to take it to the next level without compromising reliability and engine safety. With a few simple bolt on parts that can be replaced in the comfort of your own garage, this tune will transform your car into a serious high performance machine for your daily commute. A cold air intake and a rear sports exhaust is highly recommended for optimum performance.

Xtreme Performance Tune:

The Xtreme Performance Tune is ideal for people who are seeking the maximum power out of their vehicles. To ensure optimal power increase and maximum reliability, Rpm Motorsport optimizes the Xtreme Performance Tune map according to your hardware upgrades. Upgrades include but not limited to: Full Exhaust System, Larger Intercooler, Turbo Modifications, Larger Turbos and Downpipes.

With the Xtreme Performance Tune, Rpm Motorsport added one more Tuning Add-On to the list. You get all the Tuning Add-Ons from the Daily Driver Tune Plus+ in addition to the “Water Methanol Injection” add on.

What really sets Rpm Motorsport apart from all the tuning companies out there, has to be, hands down their Optional Tuning Add-Ons. Below are the extra Tuning Add-Ons you get with their Daily Driver Tune Plus+ and Xtreme Performance Tune.

  • O2 Sensor / CAT Delete: Useful for Race cars that do not require any sensors, a simple straight pipe is enough. (FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY)
  • Automatic Start / Stop Delete: This feature is useful if you want to permanently deactivate the automatic start / stop function.
  • Pops and Bangs from Exhaust: Your car will sound different, sportier and a lot more aggressive. It is recommended that you install a Sport rear exhaust to get the most out of this feature. RPM offers 3 variants of this option: Mild - Loud - Extreme
  • REV Limiter Raise +: Rpm Motorsport will typically raise your REV limiter from +250 to +750 RPM depending on what is best for the Tuned Map, with no compromise for engine safety. For example if your RPM LIMIT is 6500, they will raise it from 6500 to 6750 or 7000 etc.
  • Speed Limiter Delete: You guessed it! No speed limit cut off. Now you don’t have to deal with that annoying electronically limited 155mph. (Off Road Use Only)
  • Check Engine DTC Fault Code Delete: You know how sometimes your Check Engine light decides to turn on while the car is driving just fine? Well this is the option you choose if you want to permanently erase that fault code.
  • Cold Start Delete: Optimum for all the quiet neighborhoods with constant complaints on how loud your car is in the morning, this add-on is your one way ticket out of frustrated neighbors knocking on your door, or calling the police.
  • Sport Display Calibration: This add-on will calibrate your horsepower and torque figures in your center display screen to match with your new tune.
  • Water Methanol: This add-on will calibrate and fine tune your water/methanol kit to work efficiently with your ECU.

The Gist Of it All

The tuning world is almost like a jungle out there. There are thousands upon thousands of companies and people claiming their superiority. In addition to reputable companies that go through extensive trial and error with research and development until they optimize a safe, reliable tuning file that actually performs well in the real world, without jeopardizing the safety of your engine. And then there are individuals and companies with fancy websites bringing out files on a daily basis that are barely tested. Which always raises questions like, What is the best tune for my car? Which company has actually done enough research and development? If something goes wrong, will I find support?

Finding the right tune from the right company is like finding a needle in a haystack. Some people get lucky, and unfortunately the majority are not so lucky. Making decisions based on luck is a risky endeavor, and pricey too. The guys at Rpm Motorsport have been in the business for over 20+ years. With over 3,000 cases a year, they have accumulated trust across the car community worldwide. Which brings us to a very important question. Why would customers have enough confidence and trust in a company like Rpm Motorsport, to tune cars such as the rare M4 GTS, M5 Competition, Audi R8 V10+, Porsche GT4, McLaren 720S,and last but not least our MINI Cooper Line? Makes you wonder