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MINI Cooper S R53 W11 2000 to 2006 RPM MOTORSPORT - XTREME TUNE

MINI Cooper S R53 W11 2000 to 2006 RPM MOTORSPORT - XTREME TUNE

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Tuning Specs


168 HP 216 HP (+48HP)

Aluminum Intercooler (60MM Core).

15%, 17% or 19% reduction of the supercharger pulley size, making the same supercharger spin faster.

Upgraded Air intake system and Air filter.

Upgraded Injectors (380cc/min or 550cc/min instead of your original 330cc/min).

91 Octane Minimum (94/95 recommended).

Upgraded NGK BKR 7 EQUP Spark plugs.

RPM LIMIT Increased by default to 7150rpm and to 7500 rpm based on the option selected.

Upgraded Rear exhausts


  • Dyno & Track tested performance tunes
  • We will overnight your new Xtreme Performance Tool for you

Remote Tuning

With Remote Tuning, we will send you our Xtreme remote tool that reads & writes your tune via OBD2. 

Tuning Specs

  • Xtreme Performance Tune power increase of +48 HP and +48 NM of torque. 

Models Supported

  • MINI COOPER (R53) W11 Engine From 09/2000 To 11/2006 DME Siemens

ECU Support

7512001 - 7520020 - 7512798 - 7513980 - 7512799 - 7513980 - 7513981 - 7513982 - 7513983 - 7513984 - 7514587 - 7520019 - 7520020 - 7527610 - 7530084 - 7539808 - 7530084 - 7542310 - 7552690 - 7557395 .

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Randy B.
SCR Delete

So far, no CEL and the car runs better and seems faster. Thanks!

Sammy Dervishi
F30 328d

These guys are the best and know what they are doing. I was sceptical at first of doing the remote tuning but after some tweaking due to issues on my end they helped me correct it and the car runs super nice. Max option is 5 star but they deserve 10.

Jose L.

Excellent communication.
Quick delivery.
Magnificent details and help from the technical support.
Excellent reading instructions
Clear and fast to do it my self
Amazing unfortunately only a can bring only 5 🌟 only this minute is 10 🌟
Thanks guys

Curt L.
5 stars

Excellent product excellent support jeff is good 👍

Daniel H.
Real performance gains!!!

I felt dumb after the purchase because I was thinking there is no way a remote tune can make such a difference. This tune made the biggest difference. The 2008 328i spins them in second no problem now and I still have to install the catless headers!!! If your looking for big performance gains this is the way to go. These cars are so detuned from factory so this tune brings it to life.

Hello Daniel,

It's a breath of fresh air reading your feedback! You're on point that it does make the biggest difference! 'Spins them in second no problem now' We love it! Stay safe and keep us in the loop once you install the headers! We're looking forward to hearing from you again soon!

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