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BMW Models and Series Types

We understand the importance of knowing your BMW Vehicle’s Series, Model Number, Year of Manufacturing and Design etc. Whether as a Tech, Mech or just an enthusiast, there’s a certain need to be aware of the Vehicle you’re working on either due to necessity or curiosity. Whatever the case may be, here are a few pointers that can provide more information about your BMW vehicle model.

Notes: If you have access to the last seven (7) digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) you can type it out into a VIN decoder website such as


BMW Chassis Codes.

The letter before the numbers often signifies the years of their Design.

E = 1965 - 2013. Examples include (E36, E46, E60, E90) etc.

F = 2009 - 2021 Examples include(F02, F13, F32, F82) etc.

G = 2016 - Examples include (G11, G28, G30) etc.

U = 2022 - (FWD Models)


Body Style Number

E(90) - This number is usually the sequential number assigned to the model’s engineering project. 

Therefore, this is the 90th E - chassis to go through the engineering process.

BMW Model Names

There are usually three (3) digits that BMW use to name their models. Sometimes, these model numbers come along with letters that mean the type of Fuel it utilizes.

440is = (4)-(40)-(i)-(s)

(4) = (Type of BMW Series) =4 Series

(40) = (Previously the Size of Engine/ Now Power Performance) = (4.0)

(i) = Fuel injected Petrol Engine

(s) = Sport

Therefore, 440is is a 4 Series Sport vehicle with a 4.0L Fuel Injected Petrol Engine.

BMW Series Breakdown

Even numbered BMW Series represent a Sporty or Coupe Style  (2 Series, 4 Series and 6 Series)

Odd numbered BMW Series represent the Sedan style (3 Series, 5 Series and 7 Series)

X - Lettered BMW Series represent the Sporty SUVs & Crossovers (X1, X3, X5,)

Z - Lettered BMW Series represent the Roadsters (Z4)

M - Lettered BMW Series represent the High Performance Versions of their Sedan & Coupe Models (M2, M3, M5, etc)


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