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Rpm Motorsport Tuning Bundles

Behold, the Rpm Motorsport Tuning Bundles for BMWs are the latest addition to our products and services. These tuning bundles consist of our three signature tunes that you can easily swap between at your convenience, namely Daily Driver Tune, Daily Driver Tune Plus and Xtreme Performance Tune. Now you can drive just the way you want based on your driving style! We chose to bring all 3 tunes together into one package to give you maximum accessibility to our best tuning files and the freedom to switch between them.  

  • DPF & EGR Deleted 
  • SCR / DEF/ AdBlue Deleted
  • Swirl Flaps Deleted
  • Torque Limitation Enhanced
  • Best Tune for Troubleshooting

The Daily Driver Tune is a great baseline to start off with to ensure your vehicle is running correctly with the new modifications you have just done. This tune has everything deleted but no performance added, which makes it great for troubleshooting and to compare with the other tunes.


  • Includes everything in the Daily Driver Tune
  • Speed Limit Deleted 
  • Torque Limitation further Improved
  • Turbo Boost Increased
  • Best Tune for Fuel Economy 

The Daily Driver Tune Plus+ is where performance meets reliability and efficiency. We have created this tune to improve fuel economy while also giving you a very significant increase in power. This tune will transform your car into a high performance machine for your daily commute!

  • Includes everything in the Daily Driver Tune Plus+
  • Torque Limitation Removed
  • Injector Pressure Increased 
  • Advanced Turbo Boost Increased 
  • Best Tune for Performance 

The Xtreme Performance Tune is ideal for people who are seeking to get the maximum power out of their vehicles. This tune is designed to provide you with the optimal power increase while still maintaining maximum reliability.


We Tune Remotely!


While we work on making our Tuning Bundles available on prominent models, we currently offer our Tuning Bundles for select models such as:

BMW E70 X5 xDrive35d 3.0sd Years 2009 to 2013 

BMW E90 335dx Years 2008 to 2011 

BMW F10 535d 535dx Years 2013 to 2016 

BMW F15 X5 xDrive35d 3.0sd Years 2013 to 2018 

BMW F30 328d 328dx Years 2013 to 2019



Interested in our Tuning Bundles but can't find your model? Contact us via Email SupportCall Back Requests  or by Support Ticket and our techs will look into the possibility of creating a Tuning Bundle for your model.

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