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BMW N55 DME Removal Instructions

Necessary preliminary tasks:

  • Switch off ignition.

  • Disconnect battery negative lead

  • Remove intake plenum

Switch off ignition.

  •  Release screws (1). 


  • Release screws (1).
  • Remove control unit from intake plenum.


    Injection quantity compensation:

    • If the DME control unit has been replaced, it will also be necessary to carry out adjustment of the injectors!
    • Injection quantity compensation is carried out with the aid of so-called adjustment values.
    • The adjustment value is printed with three digits - depending on the version - on the injector body.
    • If necessary, remove EMC panel.
    • The adjustment values must be stored in the new control unit!


    If injector quantity compensation is not carried out, the engine may run roughly or fail to start.

    Read off the adjustment values and enter according to the installation location (cylinder) of the injectors:

    Connect BMW diagnosis system

    • Identify Vehicle
    • Select ”Function selection”
    • Select ”Service functions”
    • Select ”Engine electronics"
    • Select ”Adjustment function"
    • Select ”Adjust injectors"
    • Select ”Test plan
    • The adjustment value must be entered for each cylinder.


    • Check stored fault message.
    • Clear diagnostic fault entries from fault memory.