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We ship from our Canadian location, No Customs, No duties, No delays.
We ship from our Canadian location, No Customs, No duties, No delays.

Customer Reviews

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Very satisfied

Key duplication at a fraction of the OEM price. Very professional, highly recommend their services.

Plug & Play

If your looking for a simple & correct way to get the job done you are at the right place. These guys make sure everything works the way it should. Plug & Play. Thanks everyone at RPM for helping make our job easier.

Worked Perfectly

Plug n play! Fast service!

Fantastic work

I’m beyond impressed with how great the tune turned out. The only thing I’m more impressed with is the customer service. They were with me every step of the way. Even went so far as to give me an e85 tune that they do not advertise.

Hello Justin,

It was awesome working with you! Happy customers such as yourself is what keeps us going! Thank you for the awesome review!


I put everything back together, powered it with a new battery, and have had a nice running N62 since. She still needs work of course but MUCH better than before!

Hello Steffano,

This is music to our ears! Hopefully we hear from you again soon!



Hello Angelo,

We enjoy challenging jobs! Thank you for your kind words!



Hello Cherinoh,

Thank you! It was our pleasure serving you!

Awesome customer service and services!

Had a remanufactured dme programmed to my vehicle and it did not resolve all my issues tech helped me all the way to solving where i was losing my signal and with his help and a little research ive got my car back!!! Neutral safety switch causing a no crank no start! Implausible gear signal! Dme worked as should! And no issues at all!

Hello Faisal,

This is music to our ears man. We're looking forward to serving you again soon!

No brainer

Again we were able to replace the dme for a fraction of the cost. Works great, thanks you guys

Hello Stuart,

Anytime man! Thank you for reaching out to us!


Was exactly what my car was needing, was having an issue with it starting and stalling but started back up every time. Had a DME error stored and was hoping this would fix it. The car is back up and going with zero issues, best money I’ve spent on it!

Hello Chris,

We're glad to see your car back on the road with zero issues! We're looking forward to hearing from you again soon!


Fast service and good customer service

Thank you Dennys!

Amazing service

Great people to work with did everything over and above in my opinion. After diagnoseg my cas4 module they contacted me and we change our original plan tow a cheaper service and refunded me the difference. And had it back to me by the end of the next Day. I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks RPM Dave

Hello David,

Thank you for taking the time out to write this review. We appreciate your kind words! Looking forward to hearing from you again soon :)

Great customer service and quick turn around time

Our pleasure Raul!


we received the module in no time and it was in excellent working condition, we will be using this company for any modules that we need for our BMW customers thank you guys!

Hello Janeth,

We're happy that everything worked as planned. Thank you for your kind words!

Challenges at first but RPM pulled-through

My keys were too old and worn to duplicate. They called me right away and said they could code the keys but couldn't cut the profile. When the keys arrived I found an automotive locksmith that pulled a code from the key itself and cut the profile for both of the keys I had purchased from RPM.

RPM even gave back a credit to cover the locksmith. Great service and keys function as promised. Thanks RPM.

Hello Matt,

It was a pleasure serving you. We're looking forward to hearing from you again soon!


The people were great to talk to. They were easy to deal with and answered every question I had. The only issue that I have is when I received the new ECM from RPM and installed it into my X5 my engine is now in limp mode. It idles at 1000 rpms and when I just touch the throttle it cuts out. It says engine in limp mode on my message center.

Hi Richard,

This is quite normal as you will always need a Fault code reader to read and clear the fault codes, if the fault codes that you cleared are still there then we need to focus on those particular codes. 9 out of 10 once you clear the codes they never come back unless you have another issue with the vehicle. I will have our support team reach out today, please try to have those fault codes handy so they can easily help you. Remember you have a 1 Year warranty on the ECU, if they feel its an ECU issue, they will replace it right away.



Great service and experience

The crew at RPM exceeded my expectations. They were very friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend anyone using their services

Saved a car from becoming a parts car.

My E60 550i got parked last winter. It wasn't until this spring when I charged the battery and tried to move it that I found my DME, VVT, Etc had been swimming in the e-box. The back corner of the lid apparently missed the channel. Wasn't really a issue until I parked it. RPM was able to help me locate a donor
DME and programmed it to my car. It now starts, unfortunately it appears it will need the VVT module replaced as well. The guys from RPM were great in talking me down from the overwhelming state of seeing my DME pour water out of the corners and helping me figure out logical plan of how to approach my particular situation.

Thanks Again,

Hello Nathan,

We're sorry you had to go through that. But we're happy that your baby is back on the road. Thank you for taking the time out to write this. We are looking forward to hearing from you again :)

Incredible Experience

Customer service was outstanding. Walked through the process. Product arrived on time as promised. Received with precise instructions and CAS module works great.

Hello Frank,

Thank you for your kind words. We're looking forward to hearing from you again soon!

Excellent Responsiveness.

Sent a couple emails to verify correctness, answers came back within minutes. Delete kit came next day from West Coast. Great company to work with!
John B

Hello John,

We are happy that you're happy :)

Mini cooper CAS3 module repair

Service was very fast, just over 2 days from my sending it to receiving the repaired module back. Consultation over the phone was detailed ensuring me that this part was most likely my problem. The car has worked properly from the first start attempt after re-installation. Great job. I cannot even imagine what the cost would be at a Mini dealer, because I do not think they would have arrived at this conclusion without first replacing other units.

Hello Eric,

Thank you for taking the time out writing this great review. It was a pleasure serving you. We're glad we saved you from the dealership :)

Great Service

Was told by my BMW repair shop that my e46 DME was bad and they quoted me $2000 to replace it. I purchased a used DME from eBay for $40 and shipped it over along with my key and EWS. Received my "new" DME back within a few days and it fired right up. Unfortunately it did not resolve my issue ( apparently the DME is not the culprit after all ), but that is not the fault of RPM, they did what they were supposed to do and I would highly recommend them!

Hello Ben,

We are so glad that we saved you big $$$. We're looking forward to hearing from you again soon!

Walter Ingaharro

I could not be more satisfied for the service and product I received from RPM motorsport LTD. I had different issues brought on by the EWS, that the BMW dealership said they could not find a problem so they fixed it by removing a fuse. I would not go back to the Dealer again . found RPM MotorSport on Line they guided me thru trouble shooting and now I’m driving down waving at you.

Hello Walter,

We're glad you found us :) Always a pleasure working on cases that are said unsolvable by the dealer. Thank you for your kind words Walter!

Had a great experience dealing with zack and jeff. They both did an awesome job to accommodate me in my weird situation with my cas module issue for a customers car. I will definitely give rpm more business in the future. Car is running perfectly now and the customer is very satisfied.

This is Eduardo shop owner at THREE POINTS STAR MOTORS

Spoke to Jeff over the phone, a very nice guy helpful, and knowledgeable. When it comes to an issue with the part they are very quick to fix the issue, will keep doing business with them. Thank you.

Hello Eduardo,

Jeff is one of the best we have! We're looking forward to hearing from you again soon!