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Rpm Motorsport XTREME Performance Tool Instructions

Software Download

(Icons and Titles are clickable)

Xtreme Performance Software Installation Download
  • Download the Software Installation and follow the instructions below. 


Protocol Identification and Reading Instructions

  • Follow these instructions once you receive your Xtreme Performance Tool.

Upload and Writing of Modified File Instructions

  • Follow these Instructions to Upload and Write the Modified file. 

How to Write Original File Instructions

  • Follow these instructions to revert back to your Original ECU File.  

BMW M5 F90 Reading Instructions

  • These Instructions are specifically for the BMW F90 M5.


MSS60 MSS65 (PARTIAL READ) Instructions

  • These Instructions are the MSS60 MSS65 (PARTIAL READ) Instructions

MSS60 MSS65 (TOTAL READ) Instructions

  • These Instructions are the MSS60 MSS65 (TOTAL READ) Instructions

XTREME Performance Tool Troubleshooting Guide

  • These guides are Troubleshooting procedures for our Client Tool