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BMW E85 (Z4 Series) MS45.0 Remanufactured ECU 03/2003 To 05/2005

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  • 1 to 2 Business days turnaround time upon arrival
  • Overnight shipping both ways using our UPS shipping label

Product Information

This is a Re-Manufactured MS45.0 DME (ECU) For a BMW E85 (X4 Series) With a M56 Engine.

We can send this ECU with the following Options:

  • Un-programmed or Coded. (Factory Default)
  • Programmed and Coded (DME-EWS Alignment Required)
  • Programmed, Coded and Aligned to your EWS and Keys. (Shipping Required)
  • Completely Unlocked and Plug and Play.

All Choices can be made by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button found above.

    Model Support

    • BMW Z4 Series E85 2.5L From 03/2003 To 05/2005 DME MS45.0 Siemens
    • BMW Z4 Series E85 3.0L From 02/2003 To 05/2005 DME MS45.0 Siemens

    DME / ECU Support list

    • 7541343, 7513279, 7513280, 7522770
    • 7522771, 7526000, 7526001, 7527000
    • 7527001, 7527072, 7526790, 7527730
    • 7527731, 7530260, 7532902, 7531440
    • 7531441, 7532140, 7532141, 7533651
    • 7533653, 7541335, 7541343, 7543157
    • 7543223, 7548769, 7548771, 7549387
    • 7549390, 7549792, 7549794, 7561380
    • 7549794.

    DME & EWS Location

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Village Auto Service

    Opted for the plug and play option for a remanufactured DME and things couldnt have gone better. I was worried that without my existing DME and/or key, they wouldnt be able to solve the issue I was having, but RPM was able to send me a working DME that I had back in the car again in 10 minutes. Saved me from having a very expensive paperweight of a car, or spending $2500++ to buy a new DME. Thanks RPM!

    Glad we were able to help you out with this one!

    Nichole W.
    Saved the customer

    Was able to help a customer with a cheaper option. Installed it with no issues and the customer is happy.

    Hello Nichole,

    Thank you for taking the time out to write your feedback!

    Randy G 7/2020
    Saved me a ton

    Dealer wanted almost 3k to replace. 15 mins to remove and install the part. Overnight shipping. 4 days later it was fixed for 1/6 the cost. Actually only needed the reprogram so they refunded the difference. Awesome. Also they always answered the phone and wrere helpful. Excellent people!

    Hello Randy,

    It's a breath of fresh air reading reviews like this one! We appreciate the time you took out to write it. You're awesome! :)