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Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van W906 2500 / 3500 SCR / DPF / EGR Delete (EDC17CP46 / EDC17CP57) Years 2014 to 2019

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van W906 2500 / 3500 SCR / DPF / EGR Delete (EDC17CP46 / EDC17CP57) Years 2014 to 2019

$1,900.00 CAD

Tuning Specs


181 HP 219 HP (+38HP)

Install a plate to block EGR valve and unplug the electrical connector of the EGR valve.

Disconnect the exhaust gas temperature sensor and the differential pressure sensor.

Mechanically remove the particulate filter and replace with straight pipe

Disconnect the AdBlue control unit (usually located under the seat).

Disconnect the Nox sensor(s).


  • Dyno & Track tested performance tunes
  • We will overnight your new Xtreme Performance Tool for you

Product Information

This is a SCR (AdBlue), DPF (Diesel particulate filter) and EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation) removal Programming Service for Mercedes Sprinters (Freightliner / Dodge Sprinter) Years 2007 to 2018.

Popular Dash Warnings:

  • Check AdBlue
  • Check Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Engine Start Not Possible

DEF / SCR (AdBlue): This Service is useful when your yellow Mercedes Sprinter DEF – diesel exhaust fluid warning light comes on. There are many reasons why this light may appear and can be very expensive to resolve. 

DPF (Diesel particulate filter): This service is useful when you need to replace the Diesel particulate filter. This is very expensive, so we recommend removing it and replacing it with a straight pipe exhaust. 

EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation): Disconnection of the EGR Valve from its connector. 

Disclaimer: Within the USA & Canada, this product is legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used on a public highway.

Models Supported

  • SPRINTER W906 211 2.2L 16V CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 210 2.2L 16V CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 213 2.2L 16V CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 218 3.0L V6 24V CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 224 3.5L V6 24V 
  • SPRINTER W906 309 2.2L 16V CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 310 2.2L 16V CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 311 2.2L 16V CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 312 2.2L CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 313 2.2L 16V CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 315 2.2L 16V CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 316 2.2L CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 316 3.0L V6 24V CDI
  • SPRINTER W906 319 3.0L CDI
  • SPRINTER W906 413 2.2L CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 415 2.2L CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 416 2.2L CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 513 2.2L CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 515 2.2L CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 516 2.2L CDI 
  • SPRINTER W906 519 3.0L CDI 

    ECU Supported


    • 0281018855 - 0281018932 - 0281019417 - 0281016656 - 0281018932 
    • 0281036316
    • A6429004301 - A6429000001 - A6429000401 - A6421508900 - A6429000001 
    • A6429009701  


    • 0281019166 - 0281032020 - 0281032474 - 0281032525
    • 0281032526 - 0281033234 - 0281033576 - 0281034412   
    • 0281033577 - 0281033235 - 0281019167 - 0281019415 
    • 0281019929 - 0281030556 - 0281031184 - 0281034413
    • 0281034414 - 0281031612 - 0281031183 - 0281019416  
    • 0281034466 - 0281034465 - 0281019731 - 0281031830

    • A6519007202 - A6469001801 - A6469001901 - A6429007600 
    • A6469002001 - A6469002701 - A6469003001 - A6429008301
    • A6469003101 - A6469003201 - A6469001701 - A6469002901
    • A6469002801 - A6519000402 - A6429003801 - A6519004201
    • A6519006101 - A6519006401 - A6429004701 - A6429008401 
    • A6519003503 - A6429007401 - A6429007301 - A6429003401

    SCR DEF ECU Removal

    The DEF/SCR Control Unit needs to be removed from the vehicle.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Eric G.

    2017 Mercedes Sprinter, RPM was really helpful with a disabled van, no more problems. The tune fixed it and they did during the holiday break.

    Thanks for the review Eric! Glad to hear everything worked out!

    Cole G.
    Tuning 2014 BMW 328D

    I had a countdown timer for an SCR/Adblue system fault. I purchased the delete tune and the guys at RPM got me fixed up. I ordered delete parts and the tune was quick and easy to install. I’m running the xtreme performance tune and the car has come alive. A lot more power that’ll throw you back in the seat. Very thankful for the wonderful support from RPM. They say it could take up to 2 days to get your tunes back but I got mine 5hrs after sending my stock file in. Excellent service and excellent company!

    It was a pleasure working with you Cole! Thank you very much for all the kind words, I'm glad to hear you're happy with the tune!

    Highly recommend RPM!

    Works exactly as described and helped make my 535d run much better. Arrived super quick and easy to follow instructions. Great communication and any questions I had were answered same day. Highly recommend and will be using again in the future. Special thanks to Lee for following up and checking in frequently on my progress/ status.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write this awesome review Alicia!

    Alexander A.
    all is perfect

    thx for your work . my 328d started to drive very well and no longer causes problems

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience Alexander!

    Great Products. Great Company

    I purchased the EGR, SCR, DPF delete for my 2015 328D. Consultant Lee is awesome and the guys at RPM are awesome to work with. Runing is super easy!! Already referred 3 other BMW owners to this site for diesel deletes. Thank you!!!