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Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van W907 SCR / DPF / EGR Delete (EDC17CP57) Years 2019 to 2022

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van W907 SCR / DPF / EGR Delete (EDC17CP57) Years 2019 to 2022

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Tuning Specs


190 HP 260 HP (+70HP)

We recommend choosing the Daily Driver Tune Plus for better performance and fuel economy.


Warning: within the USA & Canada, this product is legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a public highway.


  • 1 to 2 Business days turnaround time upon arrival
  • Overnight shipping both ways using our UPS shipping label

Product Information

This is a SCR (AdBlue), DPF (Diesel particulate filter) and EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation) removal Programming Service for Mercedes Sprinters Years 2019 to 2022.

For 907 models the ECU needs to be shipped here in order to read and write all tuning files due to a security in the GATEWAY system.

Popular Dash Warnings:

  • Check AdBlue
  • Check Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Engine Start Not Possible

DEF / SCR (AdBlue): This Service is useful when your yellow Mercedes Sprinter DEF – diesel exhaust fluid warning light comes on. There are many reasons why this light may appear and can be very expensive to resolve. 

DPF (Diesel particulate filter): This service is useful when you need to replace the Diesel particulate filter. This is very expensive, so we recommend removing it and replacing it with a straight pipe exhaust. 

EGR (Exhaust gas recirculation): Disconnection of the EGR Valve from its connector. 

Disclaimer: Within the USA & Canada, this product is legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used on a public highway.

Tuning Specs

  • Daily Driver Tune Plus+ power increase of 190HP -> 260HP (+70HP)
  • Daily Driver Tune Plus+ torque increase of 440Nm -> 540Nm (+100Nm / +73ft-lbs)

Models Supported

  • SPRINTER W907 211 2.2L CDI
  • SPRINTER W907 211 2.2L CDI
  • SPRINTER W907 314 3.0L CDI
  • SPRINTER W907 316 3.0L CDI
  • SPRINTER W907 516 2.2L CDI
  • SPRINTER W907 519 3.0L CDI

    ECU Supported


      • 0281019166 - 0281032020 - 0281032474 - 0281032525
      • 0281032526 - 0281033234 - 0281033576 - 0281034412   
      • 0281033577 - 0281033235 - 0281019167 - 0281019415 
      • 0281019929 - 0281030556 - 0281031184 - 0281034413
      • 0281034414 - 0281031612 - 0281031183 - 0281019416  
      • 0281034466 - 0281034465 - 0281019731 - 0281031830
      • A6519007202 - A6469001801 - A6469001901 - A6429007600 
      • A6469002001 - A6469002701 - A6469003001 - A6429008301
      • A6469003101 - A6469003201 - A6469001701 - A6469002901
      • A6469002801 - A6519000402 - A6429003801 - A6519004201
      • A6519006101 - A6519006401 - A6429004701 - A6429008401 
      • A6519003503 - A6429007401 - A6429007301 - A6429003401

      SCR / DEF ECU Removal

      The Adblue module is located in the A Pillar in this model and needs to be removed from the vehicle.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Donnie G.
      Great to work with.

      Very helpful techs and easy process to send in me ECU and get DEF and EGR Delete done. Tech even called a couple days after I received my ECU back to make sure everything worked as it should and asked if I needed any more help.

      Thanks for taking the time to write a review Donnie! Glad we could help!

      MIni Cooper R53 back to life

      it will be almost a year since i reached out for help with my mini. it is still runing strong with the help from Lee and his team. thanks RPM motorsports LTD for making my days awesome and putting a smile on my face everyday. thanks to you the mini is blast to drive!!

      Thanks for the awesome review! I'm glad to hear you're happy with the tune!

      Sengvilay Inthapanyavongsa
      MIni Cooper R53 back to life

      id like to say theat RPM MOTORSPORT LTD, did what they said they would and beyond. i had a mini i bought that i thought had to keep the open linked ECU. the car was not runnig right so i wanted to take it back to factory and go From there. Lee was great, his team was also great answering all the question i had even if was something simple. i have been working one the car for months and still it is not up. i have few more things to do for it to run correctly, but i hope that once it is there it will be fun daily. thank you guys for the support that you offer and making it so easy.