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MINI COOPER Heat Related CAS Repair

When the vehicle is left in the sun or in warm climates the CAS module can be damaged from the sun heating that area of the dash. This is a very common issue with the generation 2 Mini Coopers and the cause for this is the location of the CAS Module which is inside the dashboard. 

Common Symptoms:

  • Car does not start when it's hot outside.
  • Intermittent no crank no start 
  • Clicking Noise from the FUSE BOX (Passenger side footwell area) when trying to start the car. 
  • Brake lights / Headlights stay ON after shutting the car off.
  • MINI Cooper Models hot temperature related issues.
  • Battery draining 

We do not currently have a repair service for this specific issue and are only doing a USED CAS PROGRAMMING for heat related problems. If you are looking to replace the CAS you can source a used replacement CAS module with the same matching part number, and we can program it to work in your vehicle with the original keys. You send us the Original CAS, the Used CAS, and 1 Original Key. 

Once we send your parts back, ALL KEYS will work and there will be no extra coding or programming necessary. (Plug & Play)

Here are some tips to help in removing the CAS.

MINI Cooper R55 R56 R58 R60 (2007 - 2013) CAS Removal Instructions 

 Some Models supported for this repair include:

  • MINI R56   (11/2005 — 07/2010)
  • MINI R56 LCI   (04/2009 — 11/2013)
  • MINI Clubman R55   (10/2006 — 07/2010)
  • MINI Clubman R55 LCI   (03/2009 — 06/2014)
  • MINI Cabrio R57   (11/2007 — 07/2010)
  • MINI Cabrio R57 LCI   (04/2009 — 06/2015)
  • MINI Coupé R58   (01/2011 — 05/2015)
  • MINI Roadster R59   (01/2011 — 04/2015)
  • MINI Countryman R60   (01/2010 — 10/2016)
  • MINI Paceman R61   (03/2012 — 09/2016)

How to Protect your CAS?

It is very important to take care of your CAS Module to prevent the chipsets from going bad and the infamous clicking sound to return. Firstly, we strongly encourage using a foldable sunshade foil across your windshield to block as much heat from the sun heating the CAS and damaging any internal components. Secondly, we suggest that you always leave the driver and passenger windows open slightly at all times as this can reduce the temperature inside the cabin by a significant amount. And finally, you should avoid leaving the vehicle parked in the sun whenever possible.


Here is a Link to the BMW / MINI CAS3 Module Used Programming Service (All Models Supported)

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